Our Vision

Empowered residents creating a healthy, vibrant, equitable and economically stable Mahoning Valley.

Our Mission

To advance community-building in the underresourced communities of Warren and Youngstown, in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, through a powerful combination of grantmaking, capacity building, convening and partnerships.

Our Values

  • Resident Engagement
  • Race Equity and Inclusion
  • Social Equity
  • Collaboration
  • Community Investment
  • Learning


Neighborhood SUCCESS, a program of The Raymond John Wean Foundation, awards $500 to $5,000 to support grassroots groups in Warren and Youngstown with the most promising efforts to address Resident Identified Priorities and:

  • Center race equity and inclusion in design, implementation and impact
  • Expand meaningful participation and leadership of residents closest to the challenges imposed by systemic racism
  • Build community by encouraging communication, collaboration and connection among residents and organizations
  • Leverage the financial, human and material resources that exist in the community

What are the Resident Identified Priorities?

  • Race equity and inclusion
  • Blight remediation and housing conditions
  • Job training and entrepreneur development
  • Food security and healthy food access
  • Youth employment, training and recreation
  • Neighborhood safety
  • Community cohesion and unity
  • Digital inclusion
  • Effective and accountable government and civic leadership


To be eligible for support, a group or organization must:

  • Grassroots organizations and groups in Warren and Youngstown
  • Nonprofit / 501(c)(3) status, or operates under the fiscal sponsorship of a valid 501(c)(3), or qualifies as a place of worship
  • Match the amount if seeks with contributions that may include: volunteer labor, cash or in-kind donations of goods and services
  • Operates with little or no paid staff and usually without large budgets or revenue reserves
  • Works with a clear understanding that the group is a vehicle for the collective action of the members

The Foundation Does Not Fund

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability
  • Individuals, businesses/for profit entities
  • Individual scholarships or grants, even if through an otherwise qualified organization
  • Religious organizations for religious or evangelical purposes
  • Government agencies or departments
  • Endowment funds or capital campaigns
  • Fundraising event sponsorship
  • Political campaigns or promotion of issues
  • Debt reduction
  • Foreign operations or expenditures
  • National fundraising campaigns or mass mailing campaigns
  • Veterans' organizations or fraternal societies

Grantee Project Management

Should a grant be awarded:
Grantee Orientation
Grantees and fiscal sponsors are required to complete the Grantee Orientation before funds are released. The orientation outlines the program/staff grantee relationship and provides support for the implementation of the project.

Projects must be completed by March 31, 2023.

Racial Equity Institute
The grantee's primary and secondary contacts are required to participate in the Race Equity and Inclusion two-day Phase 1 Workshop within the grant period at no charge to the grantee. Due to COVID safety guidelines the training is virtual until further notice.

Funds that are not expended or committed for approved purposes during the grant period must be returned to the Foundation.

Grantee Check-ins
Foundation staff and grantees share the responsibility of maintaining contact: in person, by phone or online.

Share the Learning
At the end of the grant period, grantees share successes and key learning from their projects through either:

  • Completion of the Budget Form and participation in an opportunity to showcase their work or
  • Completion of the Share the Learning Narrative and Budget Form.

Application Process

Grantseeker Orientation
Participation in a Grantseeker Orientation session is highly encouraged to learn pertinent details about applying for Neighborhood SUCCESS in 2022, and will provide an opportunity to connect with Foundation staff and peer groups. Live Grantseeker Orientation sessions will take place virtually only  on the following dates, for which you may click the 'Register' link to participate on the date you prefer:

Each Grantseeker Orientation will be live from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.


Technical Assistance
It is recommended that grantseekers meet with staff and Resident Council members for an in-depth review of their Neighborhood SUCCESS Grants application prior to submission. Data supports that grantseekers who participate in a Technical Assistance session increase the likelihood of receiving a Neighborhood SUCCESS grant. Technical Assistance sessions will now be virtual and by appointment only. Click a 'Register' link below for the date you prefer to participate, and you will be able to select a time slot. Please note that spots are limited to provide adequate capacity for individual applicants' assistance.  

  • Tuesday, February 1st - Register (Deadline to register is January 25)
  • Thursday, February 3rd - Register (Deadline to register is January 27)
  • Tuesday, February 8th - Register (Deadline to register is February 1)
  • Tuesday, February 15th - Register (Deadline to register is February 8)

Each Technical Assistance session will be live from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m., with limited appointments available in 30-minute spots. 

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on February 18, and reviewed by the Resident Council. All applications must be submitted electronically through Submittable, the Foundation's grantmaking platform. We encourage you to submit your application in advance of the deadline in case you encounter unexpected obstacles during submission. 

Required Match

Grantseekers are required to match the amount they are seeking with contributions that may include:

  • Volunteer labor, valued at $25.43 per person per hour
  • Cash received, on hand and designated for this project
  • In-kind donations of goods and services

Resident Council Review

The Resident Council, composed of area residents, represents the rich diversity that makes the Mahoning Valley a vibrant community. The Resident Council reviews grant applications based on program-established criteria and goals as well as supporting documentation, including quotes, estimates and letters of support.

Grantseeker Learning Conversations

In order to learn more about your group and project, the Resident Council may schedule a learning conversation as a part of their review process. Learning conversations last up to 30 minutes and provide an opportunity for group leaders, key project leaders and partners to engage with Resident Council members around their project and neighborhood. Grantseekers should be responsive to invitations for a conversation as well as a request for additional information. 

Award Decision

Grantseekers will be notified of award decisions by Foundation staff, via the Submittable platform, within six weeks of the application deadline. 

Grant Awards

  • Award amounts will range between $500 and $5,000
  • Organizations may only receive one Neighborhood SUCCESS Grant per 12-month funding cycle. 
  • A maximum of 30 projects will be funded each year. 

For questions regarding any of the Neighborhood SUCCESS Spring 2022 Guidelines, you may contact Tara Walker-Pollock at tpollock@weanfoundation.org or 330-394-5600 x105.